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Bound to Play

Bound to Play. Hot Wax Candle Black

Bound to Play. Hot Wax Candle Black

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Experience the tantalizing sensations of hot wax play with the Bound to Play Hot Wax Candle. Made from high-quality Soya Bean wax, this candle is specifically designed for safe and pleasurable wax play.

Directions for use: Ensure not to hold the candle too close to your body while dripping in order to prevent burns. This naturally also applies to the wick, if (a lot of) candle wax is dripped, the wick will become longer. For safety reasons, please cut it shorter.

Note: When used on sensitive skin, burning or a skin reaction can occur. It is therefore important to test the hot wax in advance. Do this by gently dripping a drop of wax, from a sufficient distance, onto the skin to see if a sensitive reaction occurs. This candle is not suitable for use on intimate zones, the navel or the face.

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